Freitag, 27. April 2007

Schedule for tomorrow: 400km

Yes, tomorrow I am going to beat my personal old  record of the longest distance cycled within 24 hours. The still current record was done in summer  1993, when I did a day distance of about 330km.
But tommorow I'll try to do the 400km. Weather will be fine, bike seems to be in good condition (I have slight doubts about the rims, they seem to have reached the end of their life span), knees do not hurt. Best conditions to do the ride.
Now I only hope that the tour will not be too hilly and that I will have the condition.
On sunday morning I'll know...

Dienstag, 24. April 2007

200 km done, 300 km done

So I did my first Brevets. The 200km distance was hard. Much harder than expected. Lot of mountains and a strong, cold permanent wind from east. Also my equipment was not optimal. Rode that distance wearing a jeans and got a tube failure. Also it was too cold. On top of the hills there was still some snow.

I felt my knees and was quite happy when finished that ride. But after two, three days I felt well again and started to think of the 300km distance.

The 300 km distance was way better: the weather was fine, my equipmet and clothes better. The mountains were not too hard. Reached maximum speed of about 60 km/h. Ate some badly fried fries on the afternoon. The first quarter of the distance (about 75km) I joined the top group, then I decided to let them go and chose my own speed. Most of the distance I rode alone and reached the finish after 14 and a half hours since the start at 7:30 a bit before 22:00 (21:59), cycling time was something about 12 hours.

It was hard, but also fun. Now I am curious to try the 400km distance. I hope for good weather conditions and for not too hard mountains. I'll see. Changed my pedals now to click pedals also my tires were exchanged to avoid tube failures (now Schwalbe Marathon Racer)