Donnerstag, 19. Februar 2009

2009 summed up

I skipped posting in 2009. Well, it has been a year w/o too dramatic highlights. I did the 200km and 300km brevets at the Weserbergland. Also a few fun tours (a nice 300km day-tour to cologne is worth mentioning). The 400 km brevet I was not able to participate because I had no time at that date. And the 600km brevet I eventually kind of failed due to missing the group: I had been appointed at a gas station, but went to the wrong one. Rode a few km of the expected route, but after about 150 km I eventually abandoned. I had no roadbook and no map - I doubt I could have done it sucessfully.
In summer I did a longer tour across Italy (about 1500km) which was extremely nice. The year ended with several nice mid distance tours in the black forrest region. All in all I did close to 10.000 km that year. 2010 I should do a 400km and/or 600km brevet again.