Freitag, 31. August 2007

I was singing in the rain

Oh, it has been wet. It has been so awfully wet!.
That is really the most important and lasting impression from PBP.
Also it is to note, that I only rode 918km and not the entire
distance. This was mostly due to some healthy problems, but the
weather and some technical issues (my gear shifter cable broke and I
had to go more than 80 km without a working shifter) wre not really
helpful. But anyway, I got the taste of PBP. Loving it and hating it
was so close together. And I learned a lot about fighting against
sleep. When you have nobody to talk with it is okay to just sing to
keep you awake. Surprisingly that works not too bad. So I was singing
in the rain...
It has been quite some experience.
Maybe 2011 I'll repeat that, but luckily that is not to decide today,
but in four years.

I wrote a German report about my ride at my website

Donnerstag, 16. August 2007

Getting off to Paris

The countdown for PBP is close to zero now! Slowly I am geting nervous and
excited. The weatherforcasts shape up a bit for the ride. Currently
the forecast is announcing wind from northern directions, rather low temperatures,
rare sun, but also rare rain. If it keeps like that it'll be fine.
Most important is *no* thunderstorms!!

Many PBP veterans are reporting you won't come back as the guy you left. I am wondering what these changes might be. I'll see.

Also I like to thank all supporters who had warm words or such. I
appreciate that. If you want to track me during the ride you can do so
on - search
for frame number 3642. Also if you like to send me some warm words
during the ride you're welcome to send sms to my mobile.

All things are packed, bike is okay. I'll leave tomorrow to get a car and will go to Paris on Sunday. If everything works out the way I want to, I'll return on Saturday from Paris.


Montag, 13. August 2007

Nice tour along the Adria

It has been a nice tour along the Adria. The distances were not too much, the landscape nice and the weather quite hot. All in all it has been very nice. The training effect is estimated as "good". But the tour was training *and* holiday.
The originally thought route to Croatia and Slovenia was abandonned, the Ferries didn't wanted to transport bicycles. But Italia is nice and now I know the mountains of the Abruzzo.
Now I am looking forward to P-B-P next week and I must confess I am a bit excited!