Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2007

That has been 2007, but I still have to do one ride this year

The months pass by and cycling and other activities were low. Regarding cycling I think I should do at least one bigger ride this year. 100km will be enough, but the weather is shabby and time is short...

But since the year is on its edge I should do a short review and draw a quintessence of this year - cycling wise.

Well, in the beginning of the year I heard the first time about randonuering. I decided to do that myself.
I started my rides in March, after the first longer ride since a long time I started the qualifiction brevets (BRM) for Paris-Brest-Paris.
The first BRM (200km) was hard.
The second BRM (300km) was much better.
I improved my equipment a lot.
The third BRM (400) km was gorgeous (I will not forget that lovely xycling during the night with the full moon and total silence - great!), but hard (I used that BRM for nutrition experiments)
The fourth BRM (600) km I failed. It started really nice, but after some hours the weather turned awfully bad and I abandoned. Until this brevet the weather was brilliant. After this brevet the weather didn't sustainable recover the entire summer.
I repeated the 600 km BRM some weeks later and finished it in about 34.5 hours.
After that I did a vacation in Italy and rode abot 1000km along the Adria.
Fitness was good in mid August when Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) was scheduled.
But during PBP the luck was not entirely with me and I didn't rode the entire distance, but unly 3/4 of the route. Anyway, it was great and I rate it a personal success.
Since PBP I did only two ~100-120 km rides for fun.

All in all I think it was quite a success, not finishing PBP was a bit sad, but I was quite close. Randonneuring developed to be not only a flash in the pan, but something that will last, that I will continue.
Anyway looking forward to 2008 now. That year will bring some changes and I will post my plans in early January.