Mittwoch, 10. September 2008

A triathlon handle bar

The Specialized bike I bought earlier this spring is very nice, but I was a bit disappointed because of too much wind resistance. Thus, I bought a triathlon handle bar extension for that bike (it is a Syntace C2).
The effect is awsome! The quite difficult tour to Kassel (only 140km) has been much less exhausting than the last time and also much faster.
Now this bike is really a great fast and convenient maschine and the diffrence between the Specialized and the Bergamont became stronger. The latter got new wheels recently and is now more shifted to touring and every day/bad weather usage.
A tour a bit later to Münster was great fun, too. The good 80 km were done in 2:30. That's an average faster than 32 km/h. That was a ride!

I hope I'll be able to do a long distance brevet next year and am looking forward to London-Edinburgh-London. I hope I am allowed to use the triathlon handle bar extension there.