Montag, 19. März 2012

Rescue mission for toads

I randomly came across a web page that was seeking for people who may join the "toad taxi" service, i.e. help to collect toads at streets that they want to cross. I joined that initiate.
During the last few evenings I collected quite some toads at a little road. If you go their on about 20:00 - 21:00 you will find about 50 toads sitting on the asphalt. Usually about all 5 minutes a car crosses that place. A road sign calls for attention, but many drivers just ignore that. If people wouldn't collect the toads, most would die because of the cars. It is said that 10 cars per hour is sufficient to eleminate a toad population within a few years if nothing is done to help the toads.
Many people don't like or just don't care about toads and indeed they aren't exactly what most people would call cute on first sight, but eventually they are nice and funny. And if you collect them, bring and set them free at the watersite it gives you a good feeling to actually have helped those little animals, that just don't know about cars and streets (and the danger of that), but find the asphalt quite attractive, because it is a bit warmer in the evenning.

A few toads and a frog waiting to get released to safe waters.