Montag, 28. April 2014

Brevet time again - 300km hooray!

It'sa bit longer since I rode the last brevet - in fact it was the 300 ride through the Black Forrest/Jura in the year 2010. That pause was too long. Hence, I took opportunity and ended that too long break: A 300km tour through the well known and pretty hilly Weserbergland with an accumulated height of about 3500 meters was on schedule last Saturday. And while 4 years went by since my last brevet, the key features are still the same. It's long, it's hard, it's kind of fun. But actually it was a rather hard bread to eat - my general fitness state may be quite okay but I literally don't remember when I rode more than 100km in a row (probably it was last year midsummer). Anyway, all in all it was fine, took a bit longer than expected, made the same mistakes as always (too fast in the beginning, suboptimal eating and drinking - nothing desasterous though). Weather was rather okay - mild with a bit of sun and a little rain in the evening, but thunder and lightning passed me by. Was happy to have returned after the 300km and felt happy asleep later. Next day was required for recovery. This brevet will probably be my only one for this year (don't have time at the other dates), but I shouldn't wait another 4 years to do the next brevet. Bonne route!