Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011


On May the 30th I collected my first blueberries of this year. That was pretty early and done ona nice trip up the Velmerstot, which definitely is one of my very favorite locations. Up on the peak there is heathland with a few nice sandstone rocks. That place is just lovely and the highest peak around here (at least about 400m above the surrounding flatlands in western direction). Unfortunately the way up to that peak is not too easy with the bike and quite a distance (out and return about 100km), too. Hence I don't go there too often.

The nearer heights are a good place for blueberries, too. There is a very good place to collect blueberries rather close and much lower (about 200m lower than the Velmerstot). This year blueberries are really plenty and rather big, but harvesting is still pretty time consuming (this is Vaccinium myrtillus, not some cultivated form or V. corymbosum). Also there are many ticks waiting to secretly crawl on you. While getting biten isn't too amusing itself, the threat of deseases is really a serious issue. But the delicious blueberry jam is worth the effort. I made 11 glasses already (blueberry with a minor part of (wild) raspberry) and am considering to do a few more glasses.
Next month I hope for a good blackberry time. Need a few more empty jam glasses.