Samstag, 18. September 2010


This summer another bike tour was on schedule. The idea was to travel to Catalunya. From Barcelona to Barcelona with mountains and the sea. The highlight of the tour was the attempt to cross the mountains in the Canigou region from Mariailles to La Preste via the Collada Roques Blanques. There's a picture report about that adventure available on
Also the Cap Creus was a great experience. The Cap is really of particular beauty and the pathes circling the Cap are lonesome and okay to cycle. The impressions of nature are just overwhelming there.
Bathing and relaxing time took a major part of this year's tour, hence the kilometer count just reached about 900km for the three weeks time. A little infection while visiting a friend in Banyuls for a few days was a bit annoying though. Nevertheless the time in Banyuls was a great one and pretty worth repeating .
All in all this tour was a brilliant balance of being on the road and relaxing on the beaches/having an easy time. Even the rain this year wasn't a show stopper. Careful inspections of the sky helped avoiding to get cought by too many showers. And luckily the tent kept dry.