Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Promotion video for Bielefeld sports my experimental setup

I just discoverd that the promotion video for Bielefeld sports my experimental setup from my doctoral work. It's a while back, but once I did a pseudo experiment for filming purpose which made it to a promo video of the university. And as I just discovered also to a promotion video for the city of Bielefeld at about 1:30.

Looks of course nice. But I will find it even nicer if more folks will read my findings and cite it in their work. Especially the DOI: 10.1016/j.neuroscience.2009.02.045 Precise timing in fly motion vision is mediated by fast components of combined graded and spike signals is worth a read. It was a rather good article, nice general coverage of the issues and pretty neat findings. Unfortunately not wide spread.

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

A summer farewell at the Köterberg

Summer 2011 was kind of strange. Spring started brilliantly. But the summer was wet and rather cold to a far extend - all in all pretty disappointing. But on time with the starting autumn the weather became great again. Since time for cycling is currently rather short, I took opportunity for a few hours ride to enjoy this warm and sunny autumn and went to the highest peak of OWL - the Köterberg (actually parts of it don't belong to OWL, but to Lower Saxony). The precise hight differs according to various sources. Up on the peak there is the Köterberghaus and at its wall there is a plate stating it would be 500m above sea level (other sources claim heights between 496m and 502m). Anyway, it is the highest hill around, has a serious ramp up to the peak (average ascent from the Köterberg village to the peak is 14%, maximum is about 20%) and offers brilliant views. Hence, good for a cycling tour. The views from the peak are reaching over the Werserbergland, to the Teutoburger Wald/Eggegebirge, Solling and the Habichtswald. It is said, that on some days even the Brocken is to see, too. But I haven't spotted it yet on any of my visits there.

As almost every hill, river or village in the Weserbergland the Köterberg is also known from a Grimm's fairytale, "Die drei Vögelchen" which seems rather confused to me. But the hill is not playing aparticular role within that fairytale anyway.t
The Köterberg is also a famous meeting point for motor cyclists (I guess there were about 200 motor cycles on the parking lot). They just drive up there, drink a coffee, enjoy the views and have a chat with other motor cyclists. Sometimes even a chat with non motor cyclists...
The hour I kept being there I just enjoyed the sun, the views and the last impression of how summer actually feels. It was a nice tour to say the summer a friendly farewell. Come back soon.